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Anna Marie Gueizelor: Pakistani Classical Dancer


Anna Marie Gueizelor: Pakistani Classical Dancer

Anna Marie Gueizelor, or commonly known as Madam Azurie, was one of Pakistan’s classical dance pioneers. Anna was born in Bangalore in 1907, to a German doctor and an Indian mother.

When Anna reached her teens, the family moved to Bombay, where Begum Atiya Rahman made arrangement for Anna to study arts of the subcontinent in her home.

Anna who later became know as Azurie studied different schools of dance from renowned teachers. She also joined the Bombay film industry and performed in various films.

In 1947, after independence, she settled in Pakistan with her husband and subsequently established first Academy of Classical Dance in Pakistan. Azurie performed in few Pakistani films also but soon abandoned them.

She later on, became a member of founding team of the Pak-American Cultural Centre, where she herself taught classical dance for a number of years. Azurie passed away in August 1998.