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68th Annual Pilgrimage Of Mother Marry Starting on 8th Sep in Marriamabad


68th Annual Pilgrimage at National Marian Shrine in Mariamabad District Sheikhupurra Punjab Pakistan starting on 8th and will end on 10th September 2017. 8th September is also a feast of the birth of Mother Mary.

8th September, 2017 in Marriamabad

As most modern-day pilgrims travel by tour bus, trucks, tractor trolleys and cars whereas a small minority still set out the old-fashioned way on foot, bullock carts, bicycles, also few by crawling from all over the Pakistan and across the border to Marriamabad.

When they reach in the compound they offer Prayers and also send their offerings in cash. People from other religions also visit here vow to the mother Marry and bring their offerings. They bring delicious food, sacrifice sheep and goats, cows and Chickens. Nobody can sleep here without food and water in these three days in this holy land.

This Pilgrimage is also known as Mela Marriamabad.

In 1893 Capuchin Bishop Van Den Bosch purchased this land for Christians. Few Christian families lived in this land but now thousands of people visit here not in these three days but throughout the years. In Urdu Marriamabad means “The City of Mary” the National Marrian Shrine started in the year 1949.

2017 in Marriamabad

Followers from all over the Pakistan performing prayers and making arrangements to visit Marian Shrine, On the other hand a group of Christian youth at Marriam Nishat Colony Lahore Cantt, collecting money (In the Name of Marriamabad) from the innocent Christian people of this area, they are beating drums, dancing and they hold a velvet sheet and asking people to drop money in it.

On asking from them, what will you all do from this gathered sum? They answer we will distribute food from this cash. They are doing this parade since a week ago; they begin this from Catholic Church Marriam Nishat Colony and take round in every one of the lanes of this region. This sort of begging rally should stop quickly that is making a terrible picture of Christian community of Marriam Nishat Colony, The informed Christian individuals of that zone are particularly stressed over act on the grounds that DHA (Defense Housing Authority) an elegant zone is contiguous this settlement where many people works. They request to concern organization to stop this rally quick as this sort of begging is not allowed in Christianity.