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Another Affair Of Blasphemy: Three Christians Booked Over Uttering Derogatory Remarks About Islam


LAHORE: Three Christians charged of allegedly committing blasphemy.

Three Christians charged of blasphemy in Lahore
Three Christians charged of blasphemy in Lahore

According to an international agency a Pastor and two others have been charged of blasphemy as they allegedly uttering derogatory remarks about Islam. Pastor Adnan, Irfan and Mushtaq Masih have been accused of writing and pronouncing derogatory remarks about Islam while talking about the text “Why have we become Muslims,” written by Maulana Ameer Hamza a prominent leader of an extremist organization.

The complainant Abid Mehmood has thus accused the three of having written and uttered derogatory remarks about Islam saying, “the episode of blasphemy took place on October 8th in Mushtaq Masih’s shop, situated in the neighbourhood of “Lala zar Colony”, in Lahore.”

“The Christian residents of the area are now “concerned and frightened”, fearing retaliation by Islamist militants,” says a local NGO.


In the meantime, acts of terrorization against the Christian leaders of the organization “All Pakistan Christian League”, committed to the defence of Christian minorities in Pakistan continues to rise according to Fides. After sporadic threats to various leaders of the All Pakistan Christian League, last week yet another member of the APCL, Maqbool Khokhar, was attacked and beaten by extremists in the middle of the night.


“The leaders of the APCL therefore inform that he continues to receive threatening phone calls dictating the closure of all the organization’s activities. Otherwise, they will be burned alive with their families,” APCL Co-Chairman says.


“Most of the attention of the APCL extremists are motivated by the rapid growth policy and visibility obtained from the movement. Many APCL activists in recent years have had to leave the country for security reasons,” he added.