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Another Blasphemy Accused Bids Good Bye To Pakistan



ISLAMABAD: A Christian woman allegedly accused of blasphemy shifted to Sri Lanka, along with her family.



Martha Bibi shifted to Sri Lanka
Martha Bibi shifted to Sri Lanka

According to details, Martha Bibi a Christian woman very likely to be sentenced to death over blasphemy charges; has flown to Sri Lanka with her husband and daughter,  followed by safe departure of  another blasphemy accused Rimsha Masih and her family to Canada.

“Martha Bibi, 47, and her Christian husband Boota Masih have arrived in Sri Lanka with their daughter. Two other daughters and three sons will come soon as well,” said the official. “They will apply for refugee status with (UN refugee agency) UNHCR, as this is the procedure,” he added. “After that they will go to Canada or the United States.”


The agency playing an instrumental role in this rescue operation, spoke on condition of anonymity amidst serious security concerns; anticipating a possible attack by militants groups in the country.  In an individual statement the independent ‘Rescue Christians’ group said it had provided aid to the family.



Howbeit, the persecution of Martha Bibi and her husband, who worked as contractors, initiated soon after she asked those leasing their building equipment in January 2007 to pay an exceptional bill, according to witnesses. Those following her case maintain she was left empty-handed and defiled as a blasphemer, terrorized, and eventually arrested after she got into a violent argument with a shop-owner near the mosque.


Though she allegedly did not mention religion in the heated exchange, the woman she argued with told her husband, known publicly as Mohammad Ramzan, that Martha Bibi blasphemed Islam’s prophet.



Boota Masih, her husband said,” A large furious mob had assembled and marched toward our home. We requested our neighbour Muhammad Rashid Mughal to hide us in his home which they allowed.”


“Accompanied and supported by police,” Boota Masih said, the mob reached their home where his parents decided to remain. “The fuming mob threatened my parents that our house would be gutted out if they had not handed us to them.”


She was apparently soon detained in Kot Nanak Sigh in Punjab province for allegedly making derogatory remarks about Prophet of Islam during an argument with a Muslim woman.


Despite the fact that her lawyer coped with the situation, getting her released on bail of 100,000 Pakistani Rupees three months later, yet she remained uncertain about her future.


Subsequently, after six years of insecurity she was decreed to appear in front of a Lahore court where she possibly could have faced the death penalty under the controversial blasphemy law, inciting a Christian activist to coordinate her escape to Sri Lanka.