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Another chehlum scheduled of Mumtaz Qadri: Authorities get alarmed


Mumtaz Qadri chehlum

The Capital administration and Capital city police approached the family of Mumtaz Qadri after learning that they had been planning for another chehlum for him.

There were reports that Mumtaz Qadri’s family and villagers had planned to hold a chehlum on April 10, Sunday. Seeing the previous perilous situation which was resulted by last chehlum, the authorities got alarmed. Reports are that a few days ago, a religious party which manages some shrines in Islamabad, and a politician from central Punjab, had separately announced to observe the chehlum on April 10. The police officials confirmed that, “the religious party had threatened to observe the chehlum and take out a rally from Qadri’s native Athal village to the D-Chowk.”

The political leader also announced to visit the shrine of Mumtaz Qadri along with his supporters and students of seminaries on April 10. Likewise, the administrators of the shrines in capital city announced to hold chehlum, Quran khawani and later on offering of fateha on his shrine.

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However, the police and city administration claim that there is no serious issue of security in the capital. Subsequently, the city administration and police held a meeting with Qadri’s family, and were told by his family that would observe the chehlum in their village and about 40 to 50 villagers and relatives were invited. Qadri’s family clarified that they had absolutely nothing to do with the announcements made by other people. Qadri’s family assured the administration officials that they would not be joining hands with others in observing chehlum.

A police official said, Qadri’s family dose not needs a permission from the police or the Capital’s administration to observe the chehlum. However, the others who have announced to observe the chehlum and hold rallies will certainly require permission. He said that the Islamabad’s administration has therefore decided not to allow such rallies.

Nonetheless, the capital police and the administration have beefed up security while making preparations to avoid any sort of chaotic situation which was witnessed in the capital city on March 27 and later.