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Another Child Faces A Violent Death: ISIS Uses Child Suicide Bomber


ISIS fanatics have sent a 14-year-ld boy to his death in a suicide bombing that killed 50 Kurdish militants in northern Syria, it emerged today.

Islamic State supporters claim the boy drove a truck filled with explosives into a military checkpoint in Hasakah last night.

ISIS claims his death was part of a larger onslaught on the Kurdistan Worker’s Part in Ras al-Ayn, a village on the Syrian-Turkish border.

They have been celebrating his ‘martyrdom’ on social media by posting vile messages such as: ‘This lion of the khilafah [caliphate] has killed over 50 PKK murtadeen [one who opposes religion]… May Allah accept him in the ranks of the Shuhadah [martyrs].

Earlier this month, thousands of Christian families worried about the coming of ISIS began to leave their homes in Hasakah.

Many Christian, Assyrian, Syrian Catholic and Syrian Orthodox families escaped because if the region was taken by ISIS, the terror group would most-likely slaughter minority religious groups