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Another Pakistani Christian Yaqoob Bashir Charged With Blasphemy in Sindh


According to media reports, it has been learnt that a Pakistani Christian man Yaqoob Bashir has been accused of burning pages of a booklet with Quranic verses in the Lukoo Shade Mehmoodabad area of Mirpur Khas.

A local muslim cleric, Talib Hussain has claimed that Yaboob Bashir also known as Kaka, took a book with Quranic verses from him after repeatedly claiming that he is a muslim and later burnt by him and recovered from garbage in the Basic Health Unit Mehmoodabad. After the incident was reported, the police including SP Ghani Siddique were called and a case under article 295 was registered. Bashir was then shifted to an undisclosed location.

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When the news of the inicident spread, extremists protested on the streets in the area and came out on the streets in the shape of a mob.

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Reports about the mental illness of Bashir have also come in and it has been stated that he was under treatment at a mental health facility in Hyderabad. DSP Satellite town Muhammad Nizami has said that cleric Tahir has claimed that Yaboob Bashir has accepted his act and an investigation under law are being carried out against him.

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Kausar Bibi, Yaqboob Bashir’s mother has said that her son is innocent and is not aware of the sensitivity of religious issues. She also said that the incident occurred because of an ash from his cigarette.

Media reports about at least 25 to 30 families fleeing the area have also come in. People fear a mob attack and that their homes might be burnt in wake of the blasphemy incident.