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Another Pakistani Christian Asylum Seeker Died in Thailand


Thailand is a country of business and tourism but from last many years it’s became an impermanent homeland for displaced people who come from over 20 different nationalities.  While the majority are from Sri Lanka and Pakistan, and also from  Iraq, Somalia, Iran, Burma, Cambodia and many other countries.


The situation of Christian asylum seekers in Thailand is getting worst day by day. These Pakistani Christians have been forced into an exodus from Pakistan after being persecuted by blasphemy laws, forced conversions and accusations of preaching amongst non-believers in order to convert them from Islam to Christian faith in Pakistan.

According to facts and figures more than 4,000 (Hundreds of families) Pakistani Christian people are here in Thailand as asylum seekers.

Due to lack of medical Facilities,Depressions and resources many people lead to death such as a recent case of Christian asylum seeker, named Khurram Chohan died two days ago in Thailand due to Heart failure , It is a fact that Dozens of Pakistani Christians are getting physical and psychological problems like:

Trauma  Heart disease, Asthma,Diabetes, Headaches, Gastrointestinal problems, Depression and anxiety because of continuous stress ,harassment and lake of  food . It is too difficult for them to meet the needs of medication. No proper medical facilities are available from Govt or organizations.

Khurram Chohan left a wife and two small kids in grieve, daughter is 6 years old name Marriam and son is 5 years old name moses and his family is in a big Shock of life

His old age parents are living in Lahore Pakistan where the whole family is facing too many social as well as financial problems to bring back the dead body of Khurram Chohan to Pakistan as the body and the family are under custody of Thai Police.

We all need to stand in prayers for the Family of (Late) Khurram.