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Another powerful quake sends southern Mexico in a tizzy


Another earthquake has shaken Mexico, which is still reeling as two powerful quakes had already caused much devastation. A recent earth quake of magnitude 6.1 struck southern Mexico on Saturday morning, September 23.

Rescue operations in Mexico

The center of quake was about 275 miles southeast of Mexico City. The epicenter of recent tremor was between epicenters of two powerful quakes that struck earlier in this month. The United States Geological Survey has stated that quake of magnitude 6.1 is powerful enough to damage poorly built building.

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USGS further stated that the quake was also powerful enough to cause slight to moderate damage to building constructed with better material and technique. Previously, two massive quakes had already caused much devastation.

On Tuesday, September 19 an earthquake of magnitude 7.1 whipped dozens of buildings in central Mexico turning them into dust and debris. More than 200 people are confirmed to have lost their lives. Rescue workers, volunteers and soldiers continued frantic search for survivors buried under the wreckage and debris.

Mexico’s civil protection coordinator, Luis Felipe Puente said that the search and rescue operations for survivors from Tuesday’s quake in Mexico City could possibly last “for at least two more weeks.” He said: “Our first phase is rescue and humanitarian aid. Until we are absolutely certain that there are no more people missing, we will continue our search and rescue mission,” he said.

Mexico has already observed a three day national mourning. First of the string of devastating earthquakes, on September 7, just before midnight a massive earthquake of magnitude-8.1 hit Mexico. Southern Mexico bore the brunt of the quake as it was closest to the epicenter off the Pacific Coast. This was the most powerful quake to hit Mexico in a century’s time.

He said that there were no immediate reports of damage. He said that rescue efforts were put off so that the authorities could analyze the chances if rescue workers will be put to risk. “We have to be very careful with the damaged buildings, because there is a risk of collapse,” Puente said.