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Say No Drugs !! (Anti Narcotics Day 26th June)


Like other parts of the globe, ‘World Anti-Narcotics Day,’ is being observed here on Wednesday 26 th of June with a resolve to continue the fight against narcotics and to raise public awareness about the negative effects of drugs.

To mark the day, seminars, walks and other gatherings will be arranged across the country in which speakers will threw light on current drug scenario in Pakistan and the need to make efforts for creating a drug-free society. The day is observed to reiterate commitment to fight against narcotics and create awareness about drug abuse.

Pakistan was always at a peril of becoming a victim of drugs abuse due to mass production of narcotics in Afghanistan which is the largest narcotics producer in the world with an estimated global opiate market share of 93 percent.
Officials claimed that the Ministry of Narcotics Control is planning to establish drug rehabilitation centres in various cities to facilitate willing addicts with free and cheap treatment.

“Law-enforcement agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and the education department need to work together to devise special drug prevention programmes to prevent the youth from falling victims to drug traffickers,” the sources said. “The need of the hour is that regular campaign and educational programmes should be organized to create the awareness among the children and youths,” they said Commenting on the history of drug supply in the country, the sources said that drugs, particularly heroin, was introduced in Pakistan in 1979 after three mega events – the imposition of the Ziaul Haq regime, Afghan War, and the Iranian Revolution.

Before that time, Europe was the biggest international drug market, where drugs had been smuggled from Afghanistan via Iran and Turkey.

The billions of dollars generated from illicit drugs fuel terrorist activities and abet other crimes such as human trafficking and the smuggling of arms and people.”

if we talk about Pakistani Christian it’s a bitter truth that Christian are also involve in this kind of activities the survey tell us the main reason is lack of education which force them to do this kind of activities, ESSA nagri in Karachi one of the largest drug supplier and user of drugs in Karachi, its 90% population with Christians community.( Report And Photographs By Sunny Gill )

Say No To Drugs !
Say No To Drugs !

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