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Apex court urged to take “Suo Moto” notice of Shahdara blasphemy case


Pakistani Christian lawyer Advocate Allomia ul Raj has urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take Sou Moto notice of the Shahdara blasphemy case. She strongly condemned the incident and following episodes of malicious and inhumane acts perpetrated by the FIA officials.

Blasphemy cases in Pakistan

Advocate Allomia expressed deep grief and annoyance over the fact that Sajid Masih was subjected to malevolent torture and pressure during interrogation. She speculated that it is not possible for a person to jump off from fourth floor unless and until he is subjected to extreme pressure, terror or pain. She said that an impartial probe must be carried out into this incident and those found guilty must be brought to justice.

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Further reflecting upon the matter she said that in majority of the cases filed invoking the blasphemy law, there is lack of substantial evidence, especially against religious minorities. She said that the complainants fail to provide credible evidence backing their allegations yet the respondents do not get justice.

Article 10-A of the constitution bestows an exclusive right of fair trail upon every citizen of the country, she said. However, she said that in most cases furious mobs try to execute judgment upon the accused and their community. She said that even judges and courts face pressure from the religious fanatics.

At the same time, she expressed deep sympathies for those embroiled in fabricated blasphemy cases. Advocate Allomia urged the United Nations to take notice of silent genocide of religious minorities in the country.

Patras Masih, 17 an illiterate Christian teen was accused of posting a blasphemous image on Facebook on January 16, 2018. Later on February 19, a raging mob gathered at the Shahdara road and surrounded Patras Masih’s house. They demanded the family to hand Patras over to them so that he gets punished for committing blasphemy. They warned the family to comply with their demand or else all the houses of Christians in the area would be set on fire.

Followed by registration of the FIR number 174/18, Patras Masih and his cousin Sajid Masih 28 were booked by the police. Section 295-C of PPC was invoked against Patras as the complainant Hafiz Muhammad Awais claimed he had uploaded blasphemous content on social media.

On February 23, Sajid and Patras were handed over to FIA for further interrogation, when during custody Sajid jumped off the fourth floor of the building. He was rushed to hospital and is currently under treatment. Sajid Masih claimed that the FIA team was forcing him to have sex with his brother Patras Masih. In order to escape the situation, he jumped off the fourth floor.