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Apostle Paul Corinth Discovered in Underwater Excavation


Corinth is a city of ancient Greek. In the Holy Bible two books are named after the city of Corinth. These books are mentioned in the New Testament as Corinthians 1 and Corinthians 2. The disciple of Jesus Paul visited this ancient city which was under the Roman Empire at that time.

Apostle Paul Corinth Discovered in Underwater Excavation

In 146 BC Greek was defeated by the Romans and the Corinth was completely destroyed. This city was rebuilt by the Roman famous king Julius Caesar since he was aware of its geographic importance for trading. In 44 BC he named this city as Colonia Laus Iulia Corinthiensis. Caesar flourished Corinth harbor Lechaion as one of the significant ports of eastern Mediterranean Sea.

This city with its harbor was lost when an earthquake hit this land between 50 and 125 A.D. For the first time in the history, the ruins of Lehaion located at Corinth gulf are the proof of earthquake of AD 70. The archaeologists found a Roman coin which depicts an image of a light house.

Apostle Paul Corinth Discovered in Underwater Excavation

The recent discoveries are made under the project The Lechaion Harbor Project which started four years earlier. This excavation unveils a lot about the Roman architecture.

Bjørn Lovén, archaeologist of Copenhagen University and co-director of the Lechaion Harbor Project told that they excavated the harbor and found things in proper condition. The archaeologists’ team found number of different seeds, marked bones, carved wood pieces, posts of wood and a wooden roller. This team included the Greek and Danish archaeologists which is in fact a merger of Danish Institute at Athens, University of Copenhagen, and the Greek Ephorate of Underwater Antiquities.