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Aqua boon: Evangelical ministry installs water pumps in parched areas of Sindh


A Pakistani evangelical ministry has reached out to parched areas, in an effort to supply the locals with clean drinking water. The ministry’s head (names withheld for security concerns) maintains that there are dry lands where hundreds of people are perishing owing to the fact that as they drink unclean water and fall ill.

Evangelical ministry installing water pumps in dry land of Sindh

According to the ministry’s head: There are many areas where there is no water even, which we call “Dry Land.” He further explained that installation of water pumps will certainly bring relief to women of dry lands, as they had to cover a distance of about 10-15 kilometers on feet in order to fetch water for daily use. In doing so they become victims of sexual harassment, he described.

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One of the major undertakings of his ministry is to ensure supply of clean and safe drinking water. While illumination the mission, he stated, “Jesus loves them and so do we – being the partakers in the Kingdom.” He went on to add that the quandary that the people have had to face for years only for a pot a water. “We decided to plant some water pumps in those regions, which opened the doors for us to take the Good News of Jesus to them and show the love in action.”

The ministry remains inspired, to continue the installation project in many more areas, where there is an inescapable need for pure, clean drinking water, “We have to plant many more water pumps for which we need your precious partnership and prayers. It will surely result in saving lives and respect of those who are loved by God.”