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Arab Christians are a main component of the region says Jordanian King Abdullah


Jordan’s King Abdullah has reiterated that Arab Christians are an integral part of the region. During a meeting with the Christian leaders, King Abdullah II of Jordan said that dialogue between adherents of various faiths is inevitable and necessary to boost the peaceful and harmonious living in the region.

King Abdullah II of Jordan

On Wednesday, October 19, King of Jordan met with Pierre Batista Pizzaballa,apostolic administrator of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem at the Al Husseiniya Palace. He told the visitors that the Arab Christians are an essential component of the region, Christians add to the diversity of the region.

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King Abdullah also shed light on the role of Christians in safeguarding the religious heritage in Jerusalem. A Royal Court statement stated that King had praised and acknowledged the contributions of Christians in preservation of holy sites in Jerusalem.

In this pretext, King Abdullah emphasized on the importance of nourishing dialogue among followers of different religions in order to boost the standards of tolerance, peace and harmony. He also commended the efforts of Pope Francis in upholding and propagating peace among various religions.

He hailed the unique co-existence of various faiths in Jordan, which is home to a number of Christian holy sites which attract thousands of pilgrims every year. He praised the efforts put into the renovation of the church on Mount Nebo- which is a major tourist attraction in Jordan.

At the same time, Pierre Batista Pizzaballa appreciated King Abdullah’s efforts and vision to uplift global peace and stability in the region. He said that the efforts of King Abdullah have been instrumental in promoting inter-faith dialogue, tolerance and respect among nations.