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Archaeologists unearth 1700 year old “secret church” in Syria


Ancient Christian site discovered In Syria’s Manbij city. The area was formerly under the control of terror group ISIS. For a period of more than two years the ISIS used the tip of the old gate as a place to dump trash, unaware of the fact the gate led to an ancient Christian site.

Biblical archaeology

Archaeologists speculate the site discovered is an ancient secret church, possibly dating back to the earliest centuries of the Church under the Roman rule. Talking to Fox News, Head of the Exploration Committee at the Ruins Council in Manbij Mr. Abdulwahab Sheko said: “I was so excited, I can’t describe it. I was holding everything in my hands”.

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“This place is so special. Here is where I think the security guard would stand at the gate watching for any movement outside,” he explained. Sheko explained adding that: “He could warn the others to exit through the other passage if they needed to flee.”

John Wineland, Professor of history and archaeology at the Southeastern University while remarking about the discovery explained: “They indicate that there was a significant Christian population in the area which felt they needed to hide their activities. This is probably an indication of the persecution by the Roman government, which was common in the period.”

He highlighted the fact that Christians were persecuted “sporadically at first, and later more systematically by the Roman government.” He said that Christians of that time “met in secret, underground, to avoid trouble. But the Romans were fearful of any group that met in secret”.

“The Romans misunderstood many Christian practices and would often charge them with crimes, such as cannibalism”. Wineland explained that believers were charged of cannibalism on the pretext of “Roman misunderstanding of Christian communion where Christ said to take and eat His body and drink His blood.”;