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Archbishop of Canterbury offers a cottage inside his residence to the syrian refugees


Lambeth Palace

The Archbishop of Canterbury offers his cottage for the Syrian refugees.

According to media reports, Justin Welby – Archbishop of Canterbury has announced to present shelter for Syrian refugees at the Lambeth Palace. In this regard, the spokesman for the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby explained that refugees would be provided shelter in a cottage at the palace. Lambeth Palace is the official London residence of Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby whereas the cottage being offered is a four bed-room lodge.

The spokesman of Archbishop Welby said that the idea of offering shelter to the refugees within Lambeth Palace was being under consideration for a while now. Archbishop Justin Welby has been showing compassion to these refugees similar to Pope Francis.

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The spokeswoman further stated that the cottage, which would be offered to the refugees is situated in the grounds of Lambeth Palace. The cottage is presently being renovated and redecorated while one or two refugee families could easily be accommodated in this cottage.

“As a Christian who leads the Church of England it is something he feels absolutely passionate about. As the archbishop has said, Jesus was a refugee, and there are refugees here who are desperate for sanctuary from war-torn places and the archbishop is completely torn about their situation and wants to make a difference,” the spokesman said.

In a very similar way, Vatican has housed two refugee families. Pope Francis urged every parish in Europe to house at least one refugee family. In the wake of current refugee crisis which has engulfed Europe, Church leaders are stepping forward to help these refugees.

Nevertheless the refugees will be taken in who are currently in the camps bordering Syria, which according to Rev Justin Welby would be neglecting Christian refugees, who are not dwelling these camps out of fear of religious persecution. In the intervening time, the about 20,000 Syrian refugees are expected to arrive in the UK in the coming days. The British Premier David Cameron said earlier in that the UK would be taking in that amount of refugees by the year 2020.