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Archbishop of Lahore admonishes Pakistani Christians not to ‘live in fear’


Archbishop of Lahore Sebastian Francis Shaw has urged Pakistani Christians not to live in fear. The Archbishop during his interview with Breitbart News, laid great emphasis on the need of interfaith dialogue so as to nurture interfaith harmony in the society. At the same time, he said that educating Christians about Christianity is the need of the hour.

Churches in Pakistan

He said that the educating Christians about their religion is necessary to change the mindset that Christians are a threat to national stability. He explained that the better Christians know their religion, the better they are able to clarify those who see Christians as aliens in Pakistan.

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“Children should have a good knowledge of their own religion,” he explained. “If we talk to people for interreligious dialogue, one has to know about his or her own religion. Otherwise, [dialogue] turns into debate, and debate ends in enmity and sour relations.”

Archbishop explained that Pakistani Christians are playing vital role in the progress of Pakistan. “We are a very small minority, but we are very strong in faith and very loyal and faithful to the country. Christians are in the army, they are in the judiciary, in the schools and education, hospitals. All together we are working for the progress and fortification of Pakistan.”

The Archbishop said that despite being useful citizens and loyal towards the country, they will be facing threats of violence. He said that Pakistani Christians will have to live with the truth that terrorists will continue to threat Christians, and mob violence based upon accusations of blasphemy.

“Christian volunteers are very alert, we have to be very alert and vigilant for any big event. It’s not good, but this is the way we are living now,” he said. “The pressure from violent actors is there, sometimes growing, but at the same time, all government agencies are more alert. When they have security meetings, they invite our churches also, so in this way, the network is very good.”