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Archbishop Rufin Anthony’s legacy is that of a Pastor always close to his people: Father Emmanuel Yousaf


Archbishop Rufin Anthony was a priest who was always close to his people, says Father Emmanuel Yousaf Director of the Bishops’ Commission for Justice and Peace. Mgr. Rufin Anthony passed away on October 17, Monday in Rawalpindi. He has left a legacy of almost 30 years of pastoral care and ministry.

Bishop Rufin Anthony passes away

Father Emmanuel Yousaf paid homage to Archbishop Rufin in an interview with Fides saying: “An authentic Pastor has died a person with a big heart. Mgr. Rufin Anthony was a priest and Bishop loved by the people because he was a simple, open, humble person. He totally dedicated himself to the education of children and young people, especially in rural areas.”

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Further he said that Archbishop Anthony was very ill: “I met him two days ago.” He said that Mgr. Rufin he lived in the villages of rural areas, dedicating himself to the development of poor people, before becoming a bishop.

“As Bishop, his door was always open for anyone who wanted to meet him, many non-Christians. His approach in carrying out his service in the diocese was all addressed to pastoral care, the sacraments, to helping the poor, to the chrism of unity. A special focus was dedicated to the education of children and young people, helping them a lot and promoting school pastoral and educational work”, he recalls. “His legacy is that of a Pastor always close to his people, who gave his life for the community and built communion and unity in the Church.”

Archbishop Rufin Anthony’s funeral will be held today, October 19 in Rawalpindi Cathedral. His Funeral mass and last rites will be attended by Pakistani Bishops and priests from various denominations and from across the country while faithful from around the country will also be present.