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Arise, move ahead with revived enthusiasm and devotion: Renowned lawyer charges Christian youth


Renowned Christian lawyer Advocate Sooba Bhatti has paid homage to Pakistan Army as the nation marked 51st Defense Day of Pakistan. On this he stated, “I salute the martyrs who had laid down their lives for the country.” At the same time, he urged the nation to buckle up with courage and raise their voices for the sake of truth, for their country.

Pakistani Christians mark Defense Day

In unity, we can move ahead, and make our enemy realize our strength. He further urged the nation not to tolerate the bane of, corruption, violations of human rights, bribery, discrimination and killings in the name of religion, and exploitation by political leaders, he continued.

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He implored the authority to take efficacious steps to uphold equality, peace, justice, brotherhood, prosperity, dispensation of rights to laborers. While he paid tribute to Pakistan Army, Rangers, Police and other security forces which have been instrumental in maintaining peace and thwarting heinous wave of terrorism.

In his message, he advised the Christian youth to thrust forward with a renewed fervor, patriotism and passion and make all-out efforts for the prosperity of the country. “Have a vision for your community, and be ready to raise your voices for the rights of your brethren.”

“I am hopeful,’ he continued, “that all who receive my message will become voice of down trodden, sidelined, marginalized and aggrieved countrymen. Furthermore, I urge you all to set goals in order to create awareness regarding these issues.”