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Army Comitted to Root Out Religious Extremism – Madrassas Under Scrutiny


The National Action Plan to fight against extremism is well underway in Pakistan. Operation Zarb-e-Azb is one such example. Following the Taliban attack of a school in Peshawar, the armed forces vowed to root out terrorism from the nation.

Following the attack the six year moratorium on death penalty was lifted and those who had been convicted of carrying attacks in the name of religion were tried. As a part of the Action Plan, it has been proposed to closely watch the activities of the 13000 Islamic seminaries or madrassas. With over 1.8 million children enrolled in madrassas, what is taught to them still remains unclear.

Clerics who run these Islamic teaching institutes largely oppose the military scrutiny they are facing and say “We won’t let it happen.”

Due to pressure from international agencies and human rights organizations, the Pakistan army is doing their best to curb religious extremism in Pakistan.