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Art is like oxygen to me: Rising Pakistani Christian artist Asher Sindhu talks about his passion


Artist Asher Sidhu
As the mountains surround Jerusalem,So The Lord surrounds His people now and forever. amen. Painting the church backdrop and the roof.

Asher Sindhu is a multi-talented emerging Pakistani artist. He was born 1984 in Rawalpindi. He inspiringly says, “I would like to tell u that today what I am its all because of my parents.”

While revealing a bit about his family background he said, “My mother is in heaven and my father Ashiq Masih is serving the Lord as an elder in a local church.” “My father is my best friend and a great support in my life’s successes,” he claimed.

His career as an artist kicked off in 1998, from “dot to line, line to limit and limit to unlimited.” Despite having no real formal education in fine arts, Asher has excelled in various mediums including canvas oil painting, calligraphy, sculpture, water colour paintings, burn art etc.

While revealing more about his passion he says, “From my school life I had an inclination towards art. Daily after school, I searched art galleries and explored the work of various artists. I used to spend most of my time at different places where I could meet artists.”

Asher Sindhu

Later on, he went on to enroll in a short course in sculpture from NCA. “I have learnt a lot from different art maestros. This is more then any degree, I have gained some valuable experience which any of the institutes could not offer me.”

He says he started in 1998 from the Fun Kadha Art Gallery. Earlier on, he says, “It was too difficult to continue art without any financial support. It was similar to walking against thunder storms, but I did not loose hope.”

“After Fun Kadha Art Gallery, I joined Raj Art Gallery in Rawalpindi, from where I learnt different styles of Calligraphy, including Nastaleeq, Riqa, Khat e Diwani and so many other calligraphic styles from Sir Albert Yousaf; a great art master who became m teacher.”

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While remarking about his master piece painting of “Jesus healing a blind man” he said, “Ahh…it was a very different experience of my life in art to paint this painting that I can never forget. I was really touched by Holy Spirit while painting this master piece.”

Later on, he went on to learn from Sir Yousaf Sajjad whom he calls, “the great living legend from him, I learnt different portrait styles.” Fine art is not the only field he has mastered in, he also learnt to play various instruments and called himself a specialist Tabla player.

Artist Asher Sidhu Jesus healing blind man

“I learnt to play many instruments, but my favourite instrument is classical solo tabla which I learnt from the great maestro Ustad Khalifa Dildar Hussain (late).” He revealed that in 2015 he was on an official tour to Uzbekistan representing Pakistan among representatives of 74 other countries.

“Its a long journey full of hurdles,” but “for me art is oxygen I can’t live without it.” He went on to say that “art is a long journey no body can reach on its end. I’ll continue my learning in art till my last breath.”

Concluding his conversation, Asher aired a message for the youngsters saying, “Select a field to specialize, in it without wasting time. Be passionate, never give up, never stop learning, and respect your parents and teachers.”