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Asia Bibi Moved To Multan Jail



LAHORE: Blasphemy accused Asia Bibi shifted to Multan jail from Sheikhupura Jail.

Asia Bibi
Asia Bibi


Asia Bibi, a Christian woman allegedly accused of blasphemy and sentenced to death over far-0ut blasphemy accusations. Asia was moved to Multan, on 14th of June, 2013; without any due notification of her shifting to her family or lawyers from the Punjab Jail Authorities.


Asia Bibi was booked by the police in 2009, over row of blasphemy accusations under Section 295 B and C of Pakistan Penal Code, and now is subjected to capital punishment as during working in farm with Muslim co-workers touched their drinking water pot in village of Ittan Wali in district Sheikhupura.



Asia Bibi was blamed of making drinking water unclean by her co-workers; as non-believers were prohibited to touch their eating or drinking utensils. The arguments among Asia Bibi and her co-workers eventually gave rise to claims that Asia has dishonoured the Prophet, therefore committed blasphemy. Consequently, Asia Bibi was sentenced to death, and finned in November 2010, by District and Session Judge of Sheikhupura while she was in Sheikhupura District Jail.



In her defence, Asia Bibi filed a petition in Lahore High Court against her conviction and sentence to death which is still pending, while she waited behind the bars day after day in Sheikhupura District Jail. Whereas, Multan is Asia’s hometown as well yet the news of her shifting angered her family.



Dr. Nazir S Bhatti, President of Pakistan Christian Congress PCC has expressed serious concerns over shifting of Asia Bibi to Multan prison. Dr. Nazir S Bhatti said “PCC have already expressed concerns about safety and security of Asia Bibi in sheikupura jail while her shifting to Multan jail is very serious issue”



One of the greatest fears that Dr. Nazir S Bhatti has is that Asia Bibi is now prone to threats in Multan Jail or else may be forced to quit Christianity forcibly as a Christian who visited her in Sheikhupura jail in 2011; found Islamic books in her cell which Asia told that jail authorities are teaching her to read. Keeping in mind that, Asia Bibi is uneducated and teaching her in jail to read Islamic books created significant doubt among Christian circles nationally and internationally.