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Asia Bibi’s Appeal against Death Sentence Cancelled for Fifth Time


It is the fifth time that Asia Bibi’s appeal against death sentence cancelled, which was scheduled on Tuesday 27th May, 2014, an unfortunate mother of five, has been on death row since 2010 for allegedly committing blasphemy.

Asia Bibi's hearing appeal against death sentenced cancelled again at last moment
Asia Bibi’s hearing appeal against death sentenced cancelled again at last moment

Shahid Khan, vice-chairperson of the Glasgow-based Global Minorities Alliance, told extremists “sometimes march into their prison cell and kill them while the guards turn a blind eye.”
Khan worries Bibi’s life is “hanging in the balance.” He noted that one cleric has put forward a reward of 500,000 Pakistani Rupees, (£3,700, $5,800) for anyone who ends her life.

Khan is concerned that the hearing scheduled for Tuesday should not have failed like all the others previous four hearings. However, the courts are under pressure of extremist and fundamentalist groups.
There has been a series of campaigns by human rights groups and advocacy organizations worldwide for the release of Ms. Bibi which held protests demonstrations from London to Brussels, from Geneva to New York appealing to end the misuse of Pakistan blasphemy laws which are often being manipulated to target the members of minorities to settle personal scores and quarrels.

In spite of the international calls for a pardon for Asia Bibi, the Pakistan Government has not reacted, moved a muscle or made any suggestion to end the misery faced by this unfortunate mother. For Asia Bibi hence the chronology of torture goes on in many shapes and forms to this day.