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Asia Bibi’s death would color the flag green, young activist asseverates


Amram Yousaf, hailing from Awami Workers’ Party AWP, maintains that death of Asia Bibi would color Pakistan’s flag all green. In a write up, he asserted that in the thick of growing pressure from country’s religious outfits Asia Bibi has brought out the best and worst in Pakistan.

Asia Bibi death row

In his write up he maintained: “Recently someone told me that Asia Bibi lives under solitary confinement and has befriended a crow who visits her everyday, she is a captive of solitude, sorrow and death looms over her.”

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While pointing fingers at recent developments surrounding her appeal case, he delineated: “The threats from Lal Masjid and other extremist groups started as soon the date of her hearing was announced and as is generally the case it went unnoticed by our government and security agencies.” Further questioning the indictment he maintained: “What did this illiterate woman ever do to them? But dear Asia you have brought out the best and worst in our country.”

“Kill Asia Masih to avenge Qadri’s death is a popular narrative but Asia had nothing do with Mumtaz Qadri’s hanging,” he elucidated. “The poor woman has been dealt with brutality and would be relieved to hear about her execution, her miserable life in anguish and under dire conditions finally coming to an end at the hands of an impotent and powerless State that has failed to protect its minorities and citizens in general for so long.”

With dismal tones, he maintains: “Asia will pay the ultimate price for being a child of a much lesser God and her hanging will satisfy the elderly clergymen, thirsty for the blood of this very weak woman. But it’s all Asia’s fault for being born a woman into a family of infidels.”

“How could she be so naive to commit two unforgivable mistakes. We will not tolerate such sins in the land of the pure,” he reproached.