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Asia Bibi’s Ordeal Marks The Sixth Year – Failing Health and No Hope


asia bibi
Today, June 19th marks six years since Asia Noreen, the only woman to be serving a death sentence for blasphemy in Pakistani, has been in jail.

Asia lived with her family in her village called Ittan Wali and worked on a field where she landed in an argument with a group of women working with her, The argument started over a cup used to drink water, as the women who were Muslims refused to touch the glass Asia had touched, claiming it to be unclean.

Sisters Asma and mafia became witnesses to the incident when it was reported to a local cleric, Qari Salam. A police report was made and the State vs. Asia Bibi case was heard in a lower court in Nankana Sahib and Asia was found guilty days later when she was arrested. Six years down the line, with failing health, Asia sits in solitary confinement in jail.

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There is no sympathy in the village Asia lived in. people speak badly of her and claim that she should be hanged till death. This is why Asia’s family had to flee the village.

She was charged under the 295 C law. Asia Bibi’s case has gathered international acclaim and even the Pope has appealed for her pardon.

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Asia Bibi’s case is an example of the highest form of misrepresentation. Human rights lawyer Asad Jamal believes her death sentences was gravely in error. “I think there was an element of social prejudice there because the woman is a low-caste, Christian woman. The judge should have considered the social discrimination over religion and caste,” he said.

A new lawyer Saiful Malook will now b e representing Asia Bibi in the Supreme Court. He has been death threats ever since as he also fought the Salman Taseer murder case.

President Asif Zardari had decided to pardon her and send her out of country but weeks before that Asia was served the death sentence condemning her for life.

Aasia’s case is an example of judicial bigotry and institutionalized maliciousness on part of the Lahore High Court.