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Asia Bibi’s Petition To Be Heard By Lahore High Court

Asia Bibi
Blasphemy Death Sentence for Asia Bibi

Spending more than four years in jail Lahore High Court judges will finally hear Asia Bibi’s petition on March 17.

Without trial on the basis of the tarnished “blasphemy law” the Pakistani Christian was verdict to death. Asia Bibi, a mother of five was arrested in 2009 on charges of offending Muslim’s Muhammad and then verdict to death. The Catholic Church, international community, and several human rights organizations strongly protested against this pronouncement, which will now be examined by the Lahore High Court.


The Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement – a group that provides legal assistance to members of minorities in Pakistan and also Asia Bibi – confirms the appeal. Joseph Francis, director of the Pakistani branch believed that he is hopeful that if there is no force resting on the judges by the Islamic extremists and the case is grip with concern, deliberation, and due attentiveness with the judges being left free to take their judgment, her conviction will be overturned.


The Lahore High Court will have to decree on the “crime” committed by Asia Bibi , that of drinking a glass of water from a well owned by a Muslim. She was accused of “infecting” the source which led to an argument with other women, and, finally, the charge of having “insulted the prophet Muhammad”.