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Asia’s Largest Cross in Karachi Paksitan



The 140 feet tall cross made of roller-compacted concrete is in the process of marking the skyline of Karachi. It is being donated by the Henry Gill family. Mr. Pervez Henry is supervising the construction at one of the oldest Christian Cemeteries. The donor aims to “tell the world that there are good people in Pakistan too.”

The structure of the cross is a mixture of steel and concrete and will be 20 feet deep. It is expected to be completed in three months. This development might come in to alter the tarnished image of Christian minorities in Pakistan.
Pervez hopes that the cross will some how lessen stress and depression that prevails among the Christian community of Pakistan. He also stated that it will show that attacks on minorities are not the only thing that happens in Pakistan.

The donor also mentioned that it is a risky job to do and requires taking some precaution. Although the team now has both Muslim and non-Muslim members, people were initially reluctant to work on this project as it was thought of as a risky project.

Karachi Christian Cemeteries Board (KCCB) had granted permission for the construction to start a year ago, but work has lately been speeding up. Anwar Sardar General Secretary of KCCB mentioned that, “security threats are every where and anything could happen any time and there is nothing we can do about it”.