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Association Of Women For Awareness And Motivation Organizes A Seminar


FAISALABAD: Human Rights activists gathered to promote awareness against anti-minorities violence in the country.


Human Rights Activists gather in Faisalabad
Human Rights Activists gather in Faisalabad

“Violence against susceptible groups should be curbed for social synchronization and peaceful coexistence,” said human rights’ activists at a seminar organised by the Association of Women for Awareness and Motivation (AWAM)


This meeting was organized to launch a network of human rights’ defenders for averting violations against Human Rights to expression, association, assembly and thought over and above creating realization among the minority groups about potential attacks against them.


Addressing the attendants, the AWAM Executive Secretary Naseem Anthony said “human rights’ defenders should act as arbitrators. Activists should get together to resolve conflicts peacefully before they escalate.”


Christina Peter, a prominent social activist, said, “The religious minorities across the country receive threats whenever there is an allegation whether true or false, about the defamation of religion against any person belonging to a minority group. The religious minorities were economically, socially and culturally insecure as a result of which many of their members were migrating. It is imperative for human rights defenders to make joint efforts for peace-building to avoid the repercussions of violent conflicts…between communities.”

At the same time, journalist Jahangir Ashraf said,” religious leaders should play their role to promote social harmony, respect the diversity.” He added, “hate speech should be stopped.”


Iftikhar Ahmed, another journalist, said,” Human lives were precious and communities should not be punished for an individual’s crimes.”


Naveed Walter, a human rights activist, “Both Muslims and non-Muslims suffer from false charges and misuse of blasphemy laws.” He continued,”In majority of cases so far personal or professional jealousy or some property dispute had led to the invoking of a blasphemy law.”


More than fifty prominent Human Rights activists showed up at this meeting notably religious leaders, journalists, political activists, lawyers and youth leaders.