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Assyrian Christians Kidnapped By ISIS Still Unheard Of


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35 Assyrian villages were attacked by ISIS along the Khabur village in February. In the attack, 233 Assyrian Christians were taken from their homes, never to be returned. According to reports, at least 1380 families were displaced.

Weeks before the February attack, ISIS had threatened Assyrian Christians that they will be forced from their homes if the crosses in public visibility were not removed or they did not pay a tax for being Christian. No body has heard of those who were abducted in the attack that followed.

It has also been observed that this move of ISIS was part of a revenge it wanted to take as Kurdish militants had defeated ISIS a short time before the attack and freed 22 Kurdish villages.

ISIS is in full control of North Syria and its major oil fields, providing $ 3 million in revenue per day. This is making them stronger and enables conquering more territory and claiming more lives.