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At the pinnacle of malice: A brick kiln owner shaves off Christian laborer’ head, eyebrows and mustache


A Christian brick-kiln laborer subjected to heinous torture when he demanded for his rightful wages. The brick-kiln owner not only bashed his Christian laborer Nadeem Masih, but further deviating from humanly disposition went on to shave off his head and eye brows.

Christian brick kiln worker tortured

Nadeem Masih, who labors at a brick kiln namely Haji Musa Bricks, at Chuniyaan in District Kasur of Punjab province. He says he has been working at this brick kiln since 12 months; however recently, he was treated like dust by the brick kiln owner when he demanded for his rightful wages. According to the prefixed rates, the brick kiln owner was supposed to pay him 962 Rupees for every 1000 bricks he prepares. Nonetheless, the owner was paying him only 800 Rupees for every 1000 bricks.

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Nadeem refused to take the reduced wages and kept on insisting for his rightful wages. When Nadeem did not stop his demand, the brick kiln owner Haji Musa along with his contractor Amjad Ali and Muhammad Latif started bashing him. As an expression of humiliation, they shaved off Nadeem Masih, head, mustache and even eyes brows. After they humiliated him, they made Nadeem stand on one leg under scorching sun for five hours. Whenever his other foot touched ground they would start torturing him again.

What is more, when Nadeem tried to approach the local police station in order to get a police complaint registered, Haji Musa and his accomplices threatened him of murder or entangling him in a fabricating case of sexual assault against a girl. Having nowhere to go, Nadeem Masih and his family members protested in front of the City Police Station in Chuniyaan and called upon Human Rights advocacy organizations to take note of the incident.