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Attack on Peshawar’s Christian Colony an explicit wake up call for the nation: Chairman Rwadari Tehreek


While heaping condemnation upon the heinous terrorist strike in Peshawar, Chairman Rwadari Tehreek Samson Salamat has urged the nation to stay united as the bane of terrorism continues to envelop the country. In his message followed by two terrorist attacks in Peshawar and Mardan, he stated that the nation must not segregate in this hour of distress.

Attacks on Christians in Pakistan

“Peshawar attack is a wake-up call once again for the whole nation,” he asserted as he continued, “We must stand up with unity and power against extremism and terrorism.” Further continuing, he said in connection with yesterday’s terror strikes have procreated serious concerns in connection with security of Pakistani citizens – particularly the non-Muslim Pakistanis who are in the line amid escalating situation of terror and uncertainty.

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“We call upon the Government and the security institutions for the implementation of National Action Plan – and an obdurate and indiscriminate action against the militant outfits, their supporters and facilitators.”

He further implored the government to take apt actions in order to implement the Supreme Court’s ruling pronounced in 2014; regarding the religious minorities in Pakistan.

On September 2, early morning four suicide bombers stormed into the neighborhood and opened indiscriminate fire. The attackers were armed with weapons and wearing explosive vests, two out of four detonated their vests. In a shootout, remaining two were gunned down by the security forces. The attack claimed two lives including a levies personnel and a civilian identified as Samuel Masih.