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“Attacking a Church is Not Illegal,” Hindu Mahasabha


The Hindu Mahasabha said in a meeting on Monday that “Attacking a church is not illegal and violates no law,” a local Hindu newspaper reported.

According to UCAN reports Munna Kumar Shukla general secretary of the Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha also said, “Churches are no longer places of worship but factories for conversion of Hindus into Christianity,” He also mentioned that the Narendra Modi government should provide legal and administrative protection to Hindu youth who attack churches in India.

Shukla has promised awards and protection for Hindu youth who marry Muslim girls and attack churches. After earlier claims of a petition to declare Taj mahal a Shiva Temple, Shukal went on to say that Taj Mahal is not a mausoleum and will not see the fate Babri Masjid did.

These reports come in after recent attacks on a church in Agra and on Missionary schools in India.