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Attock: Encroachment on graveyard land ticks local Christian community off


Christian community in Attock is annoyed by illegal encroachment on their graveyard’s land. Christians in Pakistan has learnt that Gora Qabristan (graveyard) located at Fateh Jang chowk , Attock cantonment is facing menace of encroachment. In this regard, local pastor Reverend Javed Johnson has sent applications to authorities urging that timely action is needed to retrieve land of this historic graveyard.

Christian graveyards in Pakistan

Reverend Javed, Pastor-in-charge of the UP Church has confirmed that land mafia has grabbed graveyard’s land where its main gate is situated. He detailed that a marker has been constructed on the land where there was once main gate of this historic graveyard. The market has obstructed entry to the graveyard re is no entry point to the graveyard.

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He revealed that a local person has started construction material supply business in the graveyard’s premises. Tractors are parked in the same place, he explained. This has caused great deal of trouble to Christian community. He added that Cantonment Board has set up a trash bin at the alternative entry route to the cemetery; locals use this trash bin and so there is heap of garbage at the alternative entry gate also. Christians carry their dead from the same route, where heaps of garbage lay, he went on.

In this regard, Reverend Javed penned a letter to the Station Commandant; who took abrupt action so the encroachers were barred from using land of Gora Qabristan. However, after sometime encroachers have started misusing land of this graveyard again. These encroachers are desecrating the graveyard, Reverend Javed maintains as he urges the authorities to permanently settle this matter.

Christian men and women participate in burial ceremony, as part of the funeral prayer is conducted in the graveyard, he maintained in his application to the Cantonment Board urging for a speedy action. Letters have been penned to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Federal Minister for Human Rights, State Minister for Interior to take action against illegal land grabbing of this historic graveyard.