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Attock: Headmistress suspended for discriminatory behavior with Christian student


Human Rights Minister takes notice of the incident that unfolded in Dhok Fateh in Attock District. A headmistress humiliated Sharjeel Masih a Christian student who drank water from a tap in the school.

Discrimination against Christians in Pakistan

Sharjeel Masih is student of grade four at Government Boys Primary School in Dhok Fateh. Sharjeel was expelled from the school because he had drunk water from a tap in the school. The headmistress had purportedly humiliated Sharjeel saying that he was a Choohra (a derogatory word used for Christians) and that he had made the tap unclean. What is more, she also beat him and verbally abused him.

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After a week of Sharjeel’s expulsion, the headmistress has been suspended and an inquiry committee has been formed in order to probe the matter. “Acted on this complaint of such horrific discrimination against a child. Teacher has been suspended today & department inquiry set up before final action,” Federal Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari tweeted.

Pakistani Christian student expelled from school

The Minister explained that the District Education Officer visited the school and conducted an investigation. For the time being, the headmistress was suspended on as a departmental inquiry will follow final action against her. “Even one such case is one too many,” the Minister tweeted.

Dr. Mazari acted after she received a complaint regarding religion based discrimination from the parents of Sharjeel Masih. She tweeted screenshot of the Whatsapp message from Sharjeel’s parents. The message read that the headmistress called Sharjeel “You are a Christian, you a choohra so you cannot get education from a government school.”

This is violation of Article 27, the Whatsapp message read continuing that the Section 298 should be invoked against the headmistress urging Chief Justice of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan and Chief Minister of Punjab to take notice of this incident.