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Australia to take in Syrian Christian refugees on priority basis


Christian refugees

Australia to take in more Christians from Syria and Iraq.

Following the deadly terror attacks in Paris, Australia might focus on Christians with regard to the Syrian refugee program. In this regard, Federal Cabinet Minister Scott Morrison says he anticipates that Christians will be the centre of attention of the Australian government’s Syrian refugee program.

Federal Cabinet Minister Scott Morrison stated, “We are focusing on those persecuted minorities and that obviously includes a very large Christian component. In fact the majority, I would expect.”

Moreover, a spokesperson for the Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton was of the same opinion as Scott Morrison’s comments. He told the media that Scott Morrison’s comments “are in line with the Government’s focus”.

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The spokesperson went on to say: “The Government has announced its priorities and made it clear that we are going to focus on those who are most vulnerable, i.e. women, children and families with the least prospect of ever returning safely to their homes.”

Previously when former Australian Premier Tony Abbott, announced that Australia would take in 12,000 extra refugees who are fleeing the violence in Syria, at that time some of his party members urged him to give Christian refugees priority.

Although the Department of Immigration was immediately explained that this would not be the case. In this regard, head of the Australian government’s Syrian Refugee Resettlement Task Force, Peter Vardos, told the media that Christians would not be given priority. “There is no selection based purely on religion, as has been suggested in some quarters.”

“It is a non-discriminatory program across the board. And I am confident that by the end of this process when you look at the make-up of the 12,000 people they will come from a range of ethnicities and religions.”