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Australia: Vandals set a church on fire, spray paint “ISIS” and “Allah Akbar” onto the walls


Australian Church

Vandals attack a church in Australia, set it on fire and spray paint “ISIS” and “Allah Akbar” onto the side of the church.

According to details, on Saturday, November 21, vandals targeted the Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church in New South Wales, Australia. They targeted the entrance of the church and set it on fire while threw a Molotov cocktail through the window. They also set a bin outside teh church on fire. While, police are carrying out investigations into this incident while at the same time they have requested that anyone who has any information regarding the incident should share it with them.

In this regard, the local Area Command Supervisor Sergeant, Brenden Turner, said that the police have established a crime scene at the Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church and “the area is being forensically examined. This is a serious crime; the fact that someone’s tried to burn down a church,” he said while adding, “As with any incident like this involving a church, other people (outside of the Canobolas LAC) need to be notified.” He said that this will be treated and regarded as a case of vandalism not terrorism.

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On the other hand, Bishop Mark Lieschke from the Lutheran Church’s New South Wales while remarking about the incident said, “it saddens me to learn that that has happened, no matter what the graffiti was on there or what church it was, that churches are targeted like that, it’s sad to know that.”

He expressed uncertainty about the aim behind the attacks on churches; he said that he was unable to figure out why churches were being singled out. “I think there are times when people misunderstand, what churches stand for or do in the community. They’re just a public target, they just seem to be there for people to act in this way.”