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Australian Government urged to intervene on behalf of Asia Bibi


Government of Australia implored to intervene on behalf of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian woman on death row. Her appeal case is scheduled to be heard by the Supreme Court of Pakistan in October. In the face of the eminent case hearing, international pressure grows on Pakistan for acquittal of the Christian respondent.

Pakistani Christian woman Asia Bibi on death row

For this reason, a demonstration has been scheduled in the Australian capital calling for release of Asia Bibi. The demonstration is scheduled to be held on October 8, 2016 – the rally being termed as the “Anti- Sharia Law Rally.” The rally will start at 11am, the assemblage will start a march towards the Pakistani Consulate at 109 Pitt St Sydney starting from the Parliament House of NSW 6 Macquarie St Sydney.

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The rally is intended to urge the Australian Government to intervene on behalf of Asia Bibi, there are calls for engaging the Pakistani authorities on diplomatic level for release and acquittal of Asia Bibi who has been awarded a death penalty over blasphemy conviction. The protesters are demanding for a fair trial for the Christian respondent. They are also calling for fail safe security for the legal team representing Asia Bibi and her family. ‘

The organizers and demonstrators also would urge the Australian Government to put pressure on Pakistan to make sure that the rule of ‘one law for all’ is maintained in their country. In this regard, Michael Andjelkovic, the Australian Justice of the Peace stated: “This case demonstrates the cruelty, un-equality and divisiveness of Blasphemy Law …”

While remarking in this regard, Wilson Chowdhry, Chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association a Christian advocacy and charity group said: “Asia Bibi has suffered the ignominy of seven years of imprisonment on trumped up charges because her faith was offensive to Muslims. People of good conscience everywhere have demanded justice for Asia, moved by the plight of an innocent mother of five.

“Pakistan’s government have failed in their duty to Asia and the Christian minority among them as a whole, their failure has been a blight on Pakistan’s already tarnished reputation. Please pray that this appeal is expedited and that the judge is able to reach a rational verdict, based on evidence heard without any duress,” he said.