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Austria: NGO calls for a “safe homes” for Christian refugees from the Middle East


An NGO based in Vienna has urged for isolated asylum homes for Christian refugees who are targeted even in the refugee camps. The NGO claims that the Christian refugees are increasingly facing bullying and violence from the Muslim refugees. The demand stems from the Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe.

Persecution of Christian refugees

According to the advocacy group, Christian refugees frequently face persecution in asylum homes while residing in the midst of Muslim refugees. Seeing the escalating situation, the observatory has insisted for separate asylum homes for Christian refugees. The group maintained that Christian refugees in asylum homes are at risk of being victimized of religion-based harassment and bigotry.

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In a recent report, the NGO highlighted few instances of Muslim intolerance and violence towards Christians in Austria and Europe. The report listed incidents of physical attacks on Christian refugees, desecration of churches, religion based hatred and vandalism by the Muslim refugees.

The NGO interviewed at least 180 Christian victims who faced discrimination, across Europe in 2015. It was further made clear that Christian asylum seekers are the most imperiled among the refugees as they are sitting ducks for the Muslim refugees. “Now they are faced in refugee camps with force, threats, harassment and discrimination because of their Christian faith,” said the NGO’ MD.

The NGO further insisted that the European governments should facilitate the Christian refugees and accommodate them in separate asylum homes so that they are kept away from conflicts. The NGO called for the police force to be specially trained in order to cope with conflicts incited on religious hatred grounds.