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Authorities Planning to close more non Registered Churches in Punjab


It has been decided that like Punjab province in all other provinces churches will be closed. The implementation criteria are still being viewed. Last week house churches were closed in Abbottabad. These churches were established in the rental houses and closed due to threat alert in the area.

Authorities Paling to close more non registered churches in Punjab

After the closure of churches in Abbottabad a survey was conducted to list out unregistered churches in Pakistan. Afterwards the government authorities discussed this matter with the Christian leaders who showed their positive attitude in this regard and agreed with the government decision of closing churches in the country for security reasons.

Later the Federal Government has also decided to close certain churches which are unregistered or established in rental houses as ‘house church’ in Pakistan. According the the sources, the strategy for closing churches all over Pakistan is yet under discussion.

The unregistered churches will be given certain time for registration, later the process of closing churches will begin. The establishment of special authority for handling churches registration matter is being discussed.