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Awais Qamar Blasphemy Case – The Inside Story


Awais Qamar and his wife
Awais Qmar his wife Rukhsana and four children live in Chak 460 Makki village. According to reports of The Voice Society the Awais worked at a school building which was being renovated and found a used flex with the schools monogram at his work place. It also had some Arabic words written on it. “God give me knowledge” was written on it in Arabic.

Awais brought that flex home and Rukhsana started using it as a floor matt. It should be kept in mind that they are ueducated and can not read what is written on it. On the morning of 30th July, Kaneez who’s husband was a milkman came to Rukhsana’s house to distribute milk. She asked Rukhsana to giver her floor matt but she demanded Rs 1000 for it. Kaneez said she can pay 400 and for the rest (600) she can buy milk.

Rukhsana kept on insisting for cash payment. Kaneez called her brother to pay her Rs1000. Mohammed Nasir a member of Sipa-e-Sahaba, came in and saw the matt lying on the floor.

Without even thinking he started beating Rukhsana, accusing her on insulting a Quranic verse. Kaneez joined him and went out and gathered other people from the village. Awais was also called and his head was shaved and the same was done with Rukhsana. Rehana her sister pleaded the mob to stop.

The local pastor was also called and they threatened him about burning the whole village as they had committed blasphemy.

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The mob meanwhile blackened the faces of Rukhsana, Awais and Rehana and put garlands of shoes around their necks and paraded them in the village. Other members of Sipa-e-Sahaba had also gathered in the shape of a charged mob in the mean time.

DPO Sheikhupra reached and took control of the situation and negotiated with the local Muslims and their head named Qari Yaseen who agreed for the settlement upon the condition that both families of Rukhsana and Rehana will leave the village and will not come back again.

Muhammed Nasir however did not agree upon the settlement and insisted to kill them. DPO saw the flex and determined it was not a Quranic verse and even tried to explain that to the mob. The police then took the family into its custody and placed hundreds of police men in the village for the protection of other Christian residents.