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Awful Christian Life in North Korea


North Korea is a religion free country. The reserved religions in the country are only for admiration of the ruler Kim Jong-un who is the leader since 2011.

In the Kim’s dynasty Pyongyang which is the capital city of North Korea there are many church buildings which are only structure for tourists to appeal and show them Kim’s patience for religions existence.

Christians practice their religious rites secretly in Kim’s kingdom, unveiled one of the rebellions. Ms. A (The character’s name is hidden for security reason) escaped to South Korea tells that how she practiced religion secretly after reading Bible which she found in her home.

Awful Christian Life in North Korea

She revealed to Open Doors organization which is an anti Christians persecution. She told that her parents had been hiding their Christian faith from others. But when she was six years of age she heard her parents secretly listening to Christian channel on radio.

Then she told that when she was 12 years old she found a book which was hidden in a secret closet in their house. And then she began reading that book.

When she read the verses from Genesis, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth…”, She began to tremble and dropped that book since she was so scared. She knew that what she found in her home could be a risk for her and her family life. She was that much afraid that she picked up the Bible with her closed eyes and put it back in that closet.

Later her father revealed that he was a priest who is preaching Christianity in secret at the risk of his own life. He also taught her about Christianity.

She told that her father joined people in secret and preached the Words of God to them. They worshiped in groups and in the gathering there were some atheists and people on secret mission like spies.

She quoted an incident that once her father went to meet a member of the group who was about to die, that man disclosed the secret on his death bed that in fact he was a spy and was asked to watch her father’s every move. That spy asked her father to convert him to Christianity. Then before his last breath he embraced Christianity and entered in God’s reign.

At last Ms A’s family was reported about a near eradication in North Korea hence they ran away to South Korea.

She says that the present situation in North Korea bothers her but when she prays God tells her that “Rely on Me. Believe in Me”.