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Aylan Kurdi blow: When I approached the baby, I said to myself, Dear God I hope he’s alive says the police officer who found his dead body


Dead body of a syrian refugee

ISTANBUL: The Turkish police officer who found the dead body of 3-year-old Aylan Kurdi off shore.

According to Dogan news agency, Mehmet Ciplak a Turkish police officer said that when he picked up the 3-year-old Syrian refugee Aylan Kurdi, he thought of his own son when he saw the toddler on the beach.

While talking with the Dogan news agency during an interview, Mehmet Ciplak, said that he prayed that boy was still alive as he moved towards him. He said that “When I approached the baby, I said to myself, Dear God I hope he’s alive. But he showed no signs of life. I was crushed.”

“I have a six-year-old son. The moment I saw the baby, I thought about my own son and put myself into his father s place. Words cannot describe what a sad and tragic sight it was,” he added. Mehmet Ciplak said that he didn’t know that the photo was sent around the world, piercing the conscious of millions saying that “I was just doing my job.”

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Aylan’s brother and mother were also found dead washed upon a beach along with ten other refugees last Wednesday September 2. The tragedy occurred when two boats sank while trying to cross over to Greece. The appalling images of Aylan’s lifeless body washed ashore in Bodrum, Turkey gave rise to widespread international indignation over Europe’s migrant crisis.

After all worldwide arousal of sympathies, 3-year-old, Aylan was laid to rest on Friday September 4, by his father along with other relatives in the Syrian town of Kobane. Aylan’s father Abdullah Kurdi was the sole family member to survive.

Previously, Fatima Kurdi, Canadian aunt of Aylan Kurdi, revealed that “Daddy, please don’t die” were Aylan’s last words. She said that the toddler’s fading cries were desperate plea to his father Abdullah to save him while the family struggled between life and death in the Aegean Sea. Aylan’s brother 5-year-old Galip and mother Rehan also perished.