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Azad Kashmir’ emblem: Ebullient journalist, philanthropist propping languid Christians of Bhimber


It was back in2007 when the young philanthropist and journalist Shakeel Anjum publicly known as Shakeel Anjum Sawaan realized that the Christians residing in Bhimber, Azad Kashmir were living at the threshold of poverty. He took up the monstrous task of educating Christian children who were unable to attend school on account of their parents’ inability to bear the school expenses.

Christian community service centre run by Shakeel Anjum

“I will never give to develop their minds,” Shakeel Anjum who emerged as the prodigious journalist and activist says. While recalling his experience, he said that in 2007 he did not live in the Christian Colony Bhimber, so the one on one understanding of problems of Christians was not up to the mark. He observed that majority of children hailing from Christian backgrounds were out of schools.

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“My struggle and striving is not enough,” he claims. He points to the fact that parents are failing to guide their children in right direction, here at the community development center an entire generation is in my hands, I am privileged to mold their future. “The entire Christian community is my family, especially these kids,” he asserts.

Shakeel Anjum is running a self-owned community development center in Bhimber. Children are taught by means of textbook syllabus and AV aids. Every evening he spends time with his little students and teaches them how to read and write. “Every evening is full of happiness for me when they give me sweet smile while receiving candy from my hands.”

The young philanthropist urges all for their prayers and support for his bantam project. “Keep us in your prayers. We are working, we enjoy it….” he exclaimed while adding, “and I know my honesty will help me to reach my destination when their educated mind will understand my vision.”