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Badami Bagh incident:14 DAYs Remand of the Culprits


LAHORE: Furtherance in the Badami Bagh incident investigations, police on a frenzied hunt for the central culprit.


Lahore- Pakistan
Lahore- Pakistan

The Anti-terrorist court decreed a 14 day judicial remand of  13 culprits of the Joseph Town arson. One vindicated by the court.

According to details, the case hearing was held at the anti-terrorist court presided by Justice Muhammad Irfan. The court granted a 14 day judicial remand 13 of the perpetrators to the police while, Mian Saleem was acquitted.


Mian Saleem is a trader by profession and was seized by mistake, owing to a  similar name with a nominated culprit. Wherein police verified the proof presented by the defense lawyer of Saleem.