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Baghdad: Christian women ordered to wear veils amid continued intimidation drive


Iraqi Christians

Posters with threats hurled at the Christian women found glued on walls in the streets of Baghdad.

According to details, posters have been found glued on the walls in various streets of Baghdad. These posters were glued specially on the buildings and streets near churches and in Christian neighbourhoods. Thus far it has not been clear who has glued these posters.

Details have that the areas where still Christians reside have been targeted this time round. Unknown men have glued these posters especially in areas where Christians live in majority. These posters contain direct message to the Christian women, ordering them to wear veil.

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In keeping with details, the message in these posters directly addresses Christian women. Moreover, these posters have the image of the Virgin Mary accompanied by a text in which it is highlighted that even the Virgin Mary wore a veil.

Previously in last month, similar posters were glued in some areas of Baghdad. In this regard, the Iraqi press reported that these pro-veil posters were glued to intimidate the Christians in Baghdad. The Iraqi media claims that this act is intended to harass the Christians, in addition to increased incidents of Christians being kidnapped or incidents of expropriation of houses and real estates of Christians.

The Christians of Iraq are believed to be one of the ancient Christian communities in the world. Among this ancient Christian community are various ethnic variety which include Eastern Aramaic-speaking ethnic Assyrians, descendants of the ancient Mesopotamians; nevertheless, there is a minute community of Armenians, over and above a petite number of Kurdish, Arab and Turcoman Christians existing.