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Baluchistan: Loyalist Christian gunned down by extremists out of ornery racism


A Christian hailing from Punjab’ area Chuniyaan, district Kasur, gunned down by extremists who ordered him to leave Baluchistan because he was a Punjabi. “I will not leave, I do not care if you kill me,” courageous Pervaiz Masih said. Pervaiz who had relocated to Turbat, for the sake of making both ends meet, was shot dead in target killing incident.

Pervaiz Masih targeted by extremists in Baluchistan

Pervaiz Masih had set up a barber’ shop in Turbat, Baluchistan. About a week ago, he was warned by the extremists to leave the area as he was a Punjabi. “You are a Punjabi, Baluchistan is ours, leave at once,” the terrorists had threatened him. Nationalistic Christian was reluctant to flee as he remained unbending saying, “I will not leave Baluchistan.”

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Followed by his refusal to abscond, the terrorists attacked him at his shop. They opened indiscriminate fire at his shop. Pervaiz Masih was killed along with two others in the incident. On July 8, Friday, the young patriot was laid to rest, in his native area Chuuniyan, Punjab.

Bereaved family of Pervaiz Masih, expressed astound at the startling patriotism of their lad. His valor and courage are being acknowledged and praised by friends and relatives.