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Bangladesh: A mob of Muslims attack house of a Christian family trying to grab it illegally


Bangladeshi Christians

A Christian family in Bangladeshi capital targeted and attacked by a group of Muslims.

According to details, a Christian family in Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, was attacked last week by a group of Muslims who were demanding money from the Christian family. The group of attackers comprised of about 100 Muslims.

The mob, which comprised of at least 100 Muslims were forcing the Christian family to leave their house. This is a three bedroom house, which was attacked by the mob on October 15. The mob launched an attack and forcibly grabbed the Christian family’s valuable possessions.

This house is nearby the Holy Rosary Catholic church in Dhaka, and the mob was ready to kill the Christian incumbents if they would not leave the house. The victimized Christian family said, it was an illegitimate attack, without any legal reason.

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Moreover, the victims also claimed that police also accompanied the mob and they watched the attackers target them, and did not anything. They said the criminals were accompanied by the police, “who witnessed the grabbing and did ‎nothing to stop it.” “We lost our possessions, money, and we’re out of the house” the victims added.

One of the Christians who were victimized said that a Muslim man namely Azijulla, who is a land grabber had an intention to forcefully grab the property or their money. On the other hand, General Secretary of the Bangladesh Christian Association – Nirmal ‎Rozario had visited the victimized Christian family, incumbents of that house said, “They are committing a grave injustice against the Christian community. In Bangladesh, Christians ‎are a weak minority and this is why Muslims are attacking us.”