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Bangladesh: Christianity thrives in the midst of persecution


In keeping with a recent report, Christian population in Bangladesh is increasing despite the fact that persecution has also increased. Christian Freedom International details that many people are coming to Christ. The report claims that Christianity is on the increase.

Christian population in Bangladesh

President of Christian Freedom International Jim Jacobson states that in order to compile this report, he interviewed several local Christian pastors, evangelists, missionaries and converts to Christianity. “Many are converting. Mostly in the rural areas,” Jacobson said.

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Jacobson stated that this growth in Christianity is resulting in increased persecution of Christians. Mostly underground churches are being targeted, the report says. Official estimates say that there is less than 1% of Christian population in a notion of over 156 million.

Report says that unofficially, Christian population is growing especially in rural areas so the figures are much higher than the official statistics. Official reports reveal data of Christians born in Christian families. Those who convert to Christianity are not counted says Christian Freedom International President.

Local pastors believe that “Christians in Bangladesh make up of at least 10% of the population and that the number grows every day,” report says. Christian Freedom International reported that evidence seems to support the claims.

“During the reporting period, religious minority leaders and laity from the Christian, Shi’a Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist communities were killed, injured, or threatened, and some houses of worship were attacked,” United States Commission for International Religious Freedom reported in its annual report.