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Bangladesh: Ten Pastors receive threatening messages saying “those who preach Christianity must leave the world”



Ten church leaders in Bangladesh receive death threats, warning “those who preach Christianity must leave this world one by one.”

In line with details, about ten church leaders in Bangladesh received threats last week. All of them received the threatening message which read: “those who preach Christianity must leave this world one by one.” Details reveal that the death threats were issued to ten church leaders in northern parts of the country.

Persecution watchdog, Open Doors revealed that a Bangladeshi pastor Reverend Barnobas Hembrom of the Bangladesh Baptist Church Sangha in Rangpur received a letter from an anonymous sender on November 25. The letter read: “Those who are preaching Christianity in Bangladesh must leave this world one by one.” Moreover, the names of nine other church leaders who are serving in the area were mentioned in this letter.

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However, since the letter has been received, the local police is making sure it provides fool proof security at Hembrom’s church while at the same time the security has been stepped up in the region. Police personnel while speaking in this regard, said that investigations are being held in order to locate the source of the letter. Police claims the letter has come from an area in northern Rangpur.

Recent times have witnessed a sharp increase in shootings incidents of Christians in Bangladesh. Recently, an Italian missionary Father Piero Parolari, was shot and badly injured on November 18. An Italian aid worker Cesare Tavella, was fatally shot on September 29.

Moreover, the terror group Islamic State has claimed responsibility for these shooting incidents, while in addition to two other incidents. Seeing the severity of the situation, many priests now residing in the northern Bangladesh have been provided military protection.

According to an estimate, there are about 3,000 churches in Bangladesh amid more than 90% of Muslim population in the country. Despite, the constitution of Bangladesh ensures freedom of speech, minorities are having hard times.