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Bangladeshi Women Being Made Beautiful For God


Bangladesh is a predominantly Muslim country. If a Muslim man accepts Christ in Bangladesh, the wife usually follows. However the truth is that the women do this just in obedience of their husband. They do no have any knowledge of the faith they follow.

In a country marked by persecution which is also directed at women, it is imperative to be strong in ones faith. The new believers need to grasp the uniqueness of their faith. This is vital so that when their faith is put to the test of persecution they can withstand it.

Hosenara a 35 year old Muslim background believer said, “I’ve been a Christian for years and even attended Bible College with my husband, but I never really took advantage of the opportunity to learn the Word of God,”

Like Hosenara, many women are followers of Christ’s just because their husbands are. Lack of knowledge of the religion and lack of opportunities to practice the religion hinders them from blossoming into godly women.

Many converted Muslim women cannot read as they’ve never gone to school. One of those who can read only studies the Scriptures once a week at a house church service. That is not enough to nurture their young faith.

Just imagine the kind of testimonies and influence these believers could have if they blossom in their faith, shining forth Christ’s beauty and light in their communities.

To serve the cause of women being not taught about the religion, Open Doors has started a three year discipleship course called Annona, which means unique. Women will be groomed and taught to read the Bible, so that they can exhibit their faith in their family, church and community. They will be made beautiful for God.

In this training, 20 to 30 participants learn about basic Christian doctrines such as salvation, the lordship of Christ, how to study the Bible, prayer, fellowship, praise and worship and bearing witness. In addition, they explore topics such as godly living, women’s participation in church and leadership.

By being beautiful for Christ in their speech, attitude and deeds, they will be deemed unique by the rest of the society, thus attracting more souls to Him